Aero Club of Lappeenranta

Aero Club of Lappeenranta was established in 1932.

The Club members are very committed to aviation and engage actively in promoting it in Lappeenranta area. Club members also frequently get together to organize airshows and fund-raising activities. There are some 150 members at the Club presently.

The Aero Club of Lappeenranta owns two powered aeroplanes and four gliders. Club organizes both theoretical and practical training in aviation at basic and advanced level for members. Particularly courses leading to the flying permit of aeroplanes (PPL) and gliders are popular.

Particularly Club’s junior members participate actively and enthusiastically in construction courses for model aeroplanes. Welcome to join us in a demanding but exciting hobby!


Gliders utilise warm air currents emanating from the earth to stay in the air and to travel. Hence gliding is an environmentally friendly hobby.

Although those who fly gliders are totally alone in the sky, getting the plane into the air is a result of teamwork. The glider is pulled into the air either by an aeroplane, as is the case in Lappeenranta, or by a winch. A team-worker is also needed to do the preparations prior flying. Pilots enjoy each other’s company while flying and also at training and get-together events.

There is an age limit to enter the course, 15 years, and a pilot’s licence you may get that year when you turn 16. Health requirements are the same as with the driver’s licence and specs do not prevent you to obtain the licence. Our Club organises courses upon demand during the spring months.


Flying a powered aeroplane is an interesting hobby and provides both excitement and challenges. Our club maintains and services Club’s planes, lends the planes on compensation and trains members in flying. Requirements to obtain Private Pilot’s Permit (A) is normal health, specs are not a hinder. You may start the course at the age of 17 (with the permission from your guardian), and the PPL you may get as soon as you turn 18. The course requirements include 120 hours of theory lessons and 40 flying hours. Courses are organised upon demand.


Aero club hangar capabilities can be leased for storing aircraft(max height up to 4.2 m, max width up to 17,5 m). Other services can be arranged if needed.


By joining the club you will get access to our facilities:

  • affordable prices for using club aircraft
  • nice club premises at EFLP, cafeteria services, computers for flight preparation and briefing
  • flight training (LAPL, PPL, GPL)
  • 2 new glass cockpit aircraft (GA, LSA) in use throughout year
  • internet based systems for pilot assistance: booking system, IPAD with navigation tools in both aircraft, route planning
  • Membership fees:

Standard member 100 €/year, joining fee 50 €

Youth member 15 €/year ( below 18y)

Family member 15 €/year

Lappeenrannan Ilmailuyhdistys ry. – Aero Club Of Lappeenranta

For further information contact:

Chairman: Timo Lindström
Tel. +358-40-721-1925
e-mail: timojuhani<full stop/period>lindstrom@gmail.com

Aero Club Of Lappeenranta – Lappeenrannan ilmailuyhdistys
Lentokentäntie 35, 53600 LPR – FIN
e-mail: liy@liy.fi